Resolution Color: Rincón, Puerto Rico

What better way to kick off “Resolution Color” than with a trip to Rincón? Rincón is on the Northwestern coast of Puerto Rico and the colors there are brilliant. Check ‘em out:

Right: Casa Isleña Inn. This is where I stayed for five nights. Their Tapas Bar is amazing and their Sunday brunch is the talk of the town. The staff was incredibly kind and helpful. I highly recommend this inn if you plan to visit Rincón.

The Pools Beach Restaurant and Bar. Here, I enjoyed some amazing sushi, as well as fine conversation with the writer behind You should check him out!

Rincón has lots of surfing beaches to choose from, including Domes, Maria’s and Tres Palmas. The surf instructors are patient and fun. They encouraged me to “Think nothing and be confident.” Those two things are pretty difficult your first time on a surfboard, but click after a dozen face plants.

And yes, that’s me on the right, wearing hot pink for the first time since I danced to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” in my elementary school talent show. Resolution color!

Tell me, what other colorful places should I be sure to see?


2 Comments on “Resolution Color: Rincón, Puerto Rico”

  1. Noel says:

    A few miles from my home town of Aguadilla… thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  2. You are from a beautiful place, Noel!

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