If you want happiness, just help yourself to some.

This post references the May 13th episode of Mad Men. Yup, last week’s episode. I’m guessing that’s a major no-no in the world of blogging.

But considering I’m still new to this, I’m hoping you will forgive me just this once. And in the future, I’ll start watching TV shows when they’re actually on.

That said, this episode of Mad Men was called “Dark Shadows”. It focused largely on the unhappiness of the characters.

But then, it ended with a surprisingly upbeat song. It was called, “Sweepin’ the Clouds Away” by Maurice Chevalier. The song captured my attention when I heard the line, “If you want happiness, just help yourself to some”. I couldn’t agree more with this message.

We are all in control of our own happiness. I think we often forget this. So if you’re feeling down, think about what might make you happy. It could be something as small as going out for a beer. Or as big as finding a new job. Whatever it is, go help yourself to it!

Or at least start by listening to the song below. It might inspire you.

So tell me, did this song invigorate you, too?


4 Comments on “If you want happiness, just help yourself to some.”

  1. reallyrisa says:

    Or perhaps it could be a fancy hotel room?

  2. Martha Pauly says:

    So true now if I can just remember that tomorrow when I am back at work

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