Resolution Color: The Color Run

A couple of months ago, as you may have read in my post, Resolution: Color, I decided to add more color to my life. Around the same time, I started seeing Color Run imagery pop up all over social media sites. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube…

Considering the first ever Color Run was just in January 2012, word sure was spreading quickly. Over 22,000 people signed up in Philadelphia alone, and I don’t think I saw a single ad. Just fun, vibrant, amazing pictures all over the interwebs. Oh, the wonders of social media in advertising.

If you actually haven’t seen it, The Color Run is a 5K held in numerous cities throughout the nation. Participants wear white and are covered in different colored dust at every kilometer.

Considering my color resolution, I thought it inappropriate not to sign up!

Before (That there on the right is team “Pantones.” All two of us.)


The incredible clouds of color at the finish line festival

Props to founder Travis Snyder for creating this unique event that is getting the country talking. And more importantly, exercising.

So tell me, do you have killer pics of your city’s Color Run (or as it’s also known, “The Happiest 5K on Earth”)? Link us to them in the comments. We want to see!


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