Philly Love

On Wednesday, I moved into a new apartment in Center City, Philadelphia. This marks my 9th move in 7 years. Yikes! But I’m hoping this is it for a long while. In fact, the moving boxes I usually store under my bed are officially in the trash. Could this mean I’m here to stay? Could this mean Philadelphia has won me over? How could it not? Look at all the love around here:


8 Comments on “Philly Love”

  1. Martha Pauly says:

    Welcome to Philly – officially that is – never met a resident of Philly that didn’t LOVE it!

  2. Emma says:

    YAYYYYYY! Stay! Stay! Stay!

  3. Berna Heins says:

    Susan hope you are enjoying your new place. Love your Phili photos…Berna

  4. Lou says:

    Aus L-O-V-E all the photos of bikes…..what is not to love about a city like that?

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