The Happy Show by Stefan Sagmeister

Is it possible to train our minds to be happy the same way that we train our bodies to be fit?

Designer, Stefan Sagmeister, has been on a ten-year quest to find out. In fact, he is creating a documentary called The Happy Film. The movie will showcase Sagmeister’s experiments with meditation, cognitive therapy and drugs, and their effects on his happiness level.

“I am usually rather bored with definitions. Happiness, however, is just such a big subject that it might be worth a try to pin it down.” – Stefan Sagmeister

I think this is a fascinating study. So, I took a sneak peak of Sagmeister’s findings at his exhibit, The Happy Show, at Philadelphia’s Institute of Contemporary Art.

One of my favorite parts of the The Happy Show was the “How Happy Are You” gumball machine wall.

I was glad to see that numbers 1 through 5 were still pretty full! (And who are these people taking the #10 gumball? I’d like to meet them. Eh, maybe I wouldn’t.)

Anyways, the Philadelphia show ended last weekend. So if you didn’t catch it… you missed out. But, you still have the documentary to look forward to. Due out Winter 2013. Woo!

Personally, I like to think we can do things to train our minds and alter our happiness. Before we hear Sagmeister’s verdict, tell me, do you think happiness can be learned?


4 Comments on “The Happy Show by Stefan Sagmeister”

  1. Martha Pauly says:

    I like listening to happy commentaries – I believe they are contagious ! World? Listen!!

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  3. […] Photos: Sagmeister & Walsh and Letter 19 Design […]

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