Modern love is not enough

I have been a fan of Matt Nathanson’s since 2002 when I saw him open for Howie Day at the TLA in Philadelphia. Even more than his music, his comedic annotations got me good.

Ten years later, he’s still got me hooked. And he’s finally gaining some notoriety. On Friday, Matt premiered his video for Modern Love.

Naturally, I fell in love with the vibrant murals and paintings in this video.

Murals located on Balmy Street in The Mission District of San Francisco. I must check it out.

But I also fell in love with the message of the song. Modern Love reflects upon this digital age we live in, and how it is causing a major decline in real life, face to face interactions.

According to an interview in The Birmingham News, Matt says “What happens with human beings is, there’s a real pull to have [technology] completely take the place of actual interaction. People have sex and break up via text and Twitter. But I think physicality is a crucial part of the experience, and it deepens the experience. That’s what’s so fantastic, the human collision. That’s the real meat of being alive.”

Amen. Tell me, wouldn’t it be nice to get back to good old-fashioned relationships? No more using technology as a crutch? No more asking people out in a text message? No more apology emails? No more lazy “Happy Birthday” Facebook posts?


2 Comments on “Modern love is not enough”

  1. Bob Schneider says:

    Big Time DITTO Sus…hopefully I figured how to get this back to you by cc ing you…eh…

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