Why Twitter Kicks Facebook’s Ass: Part 2

Once upon a time, one of my favorite comedians tweeted a link to his upcoming tour dates.

Boston, where I lived at the time, was not on the list, so I replied with a tweet asking him why. I didn’t expect a response, I was really just being a smartass.

But to my surprise, he replied. And he happened to be in Boston that night. So we met up for drinks.

We had a great time. We debated over the supremacy of Chipotle versus Qdoba, discussed the brilliance that is Boyz II Men, danced to Dog Days are Over, drank a few or more vodka sodas, etc., etc., if you know what I mean.

It was a random night that I won’t soon forget, and a story that I love to tell.

So there you have it. Twitter has the power to bring strangers with similar interests together. These strangers could be two people who both love #cockerspaniels, or just a girl who enjoys the stand-up comedy of a boy.

It all begins with a simple hashtag. Or a direct tweet to someone who intrigues you. You never know where a little tweet might lead.

So tell me, has this sort of Twitter rendezvous ever happened to you?

(Find Why Twitter Kicks Facebook’s Ass: Part 1 here.)


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