Currently Loving: hitRECord

Have you heard of this site called hitRECord? I admit that until Monday, when I attended hitRECord On the Road at the Merriam Theater, I hadn’t either. And if we’re being totally honest, the only reason I attended was because I heard the show was hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Well, as it turns out, hitRECord is this amazing website where all types of artists, including illustrators, designers, writers, photographers and musicians, from all over the world come together virtually to make films. Currently, the community consists of over 125,000 artists. And yes, it was founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt himself.

The film that stood out to me the most on Monday night is called Iterations. It is about life’s journey and it was created by SophieRumi of Hungary, in collaboration with mirtle of Cyprus, set to a song by Metaphorest of Scotland and orchestrated by Robo_J of the US. Additional illustrations and instrumentation were provided by the entire hitRECord community, then animated by fajigajiga of Canada. And well, it’s beautiful. Take a look:

As a creative, I think the most important thing I took away from hitRECord On the Road, is that we don’t have to do it all ourselves. Sometimes as creatives, we want to own a project. We want to write everything, design everything, illustrate everything. But when we collaborate, our work rises above what we might have created on our own. You know what they say, two heads, or 125,000, are better than one.

So tell me, have you checked out hitRECord yet? What do you think? And what other amazing sites might I be missing out on?


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