Design is a Language

As I mentioned last week, I recently returned from an amazing trip to Peru.

My favorite part of the trip was dusting off my Spanish. It has always been a love of mine, so practicing it in real-life situations was such a treat. And in only nine days, my Spanish improved significantly.

And that got me thinking. Design is very much a language too, isn’t it? It is a way of communicating information, and just like any spoken language, the best way to improve upon it is to practice it.

We could study design in a classroom for years. We could know every designer, color and typeface out there. But it’s the physical act of designing that is going to make us good. So take on real-life projects. Solve real-life problems. Practice design like a language. Speak it often.

Design Is A Language

Do you think design is a language?


One Comment on “Design is a Language”

  1. barbara says:

    Absolutely! Design can say a lot about a person. Not sure it can converse.

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