Designing Really Risa

As a designer, it’s hard to know when to take on projects for friends. Before you know it, your spare time is spent designing for them instead of hanging out with them.

But there are certain jobs that you just can’t pass up. Like this one. Designing the lifestyle blog of my good friend, Risa. This blog is Risa’s online presence. Her online identity. So it was pretty important that someone who knew her fairly well did the job.

Risa was looking for something simple, clean and sophisticated. Something that could grow with her. So here’s what we came up with:


Turns out, missing a night or two out with the girls is worth it if it means a happy friend. And sweet emails like this:

Hi. I just thought I’d start your day with a little happy email because you should know I’m so excited and absolutely love my new blog design. thank you so much. xo

Not to mention, I probably dodged a couple of killer hangovers.

So stop by Really Risa today to check out her new look, or to learn how to make homemade sushi. Yum!


4 Comments on “Designing Really Risa”

  1. Risa says:

    Love this, love you. My new design is perfect, but you’re not free from hangovers for long. Let’s celebrate! xo, risa

  2. Such a fantastic job you did with this. It so perfectly emanates her style! Social media buttons are a favorite!

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