Run and Design For Boston

I’ve always been proud to be a runner. And a designer. Especially recently.

Runners and designers have really stepped up in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15, 2013. For example, running clubs all across the country gathered for a jog on April 17th to show their support, calling it the Run For Boston. And this past weekend, Philadelphia held its 34th annual Broad Street 10-mile Run where participants showed their love for Boston by running in red socks. Both events were a beautiful thing to be a part of and a nice reminder that if you look around, there really is a lot of love and support in this world.

As for designers, many have created awesome logos and apparel so that we can all (quite literally) show Boston our support. I wore my “B Strong” t-shirt (below) for the first time yesterday and got dozens of nice comments. These heartwarming and reassuring designs are a nice way to remind us all to keep Boston’s victims in our thoughts.


To donate to the recovery of fellow runner/designer, Christian, who was injured in the Boston explosions, and to learn about his progress, visit his funding page. Let’s support one of our very own.


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