Rabbit Rabbit!

Rabbit, rabbit and welcome to July! 

June was heavy. Among other very sad news, we lost some incredibly inspirational and iconic figures. And it was earth shattering. It showed that we never truly know what’s happening in people’s minds and hearts, or how different the world can look from someone else’s perspective. That is why showing more kindness, love, and support is so very important.

So in addition to giving away 50 free coffees at Metropolitan Cafe to brighten people’s days today, Rabbit Rabbit and Metro will also be donating the money that pays for those coffees to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Please reach out if you need support. To the lifeline, to anyone. Because today is a new day and you deserve to be here for it!

One Comment on “Rabbit Rabbit!”

  1. Martha Pauly says:

    What a touching note – thank you!!

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