You’re Awesome. Yeah, you.

I recently finished up some TV spots with my agency, Masterminds. The campaign is for Finger Lakes Gaming, a fun-loving client that cares a lot about making their customers feel good. They were a lot of fun to create and I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for reading, and watching. You’re awesome.

Yards Brewing Company’s Golden Hop IPA

I’m excited to announce that I designed the label for Yards Brewing Company’s newly launched beer, Golden Hop IPA. The name is inspired by America’s first balloon flight, which happened right here in Philadelphia. Check it out below, or just go out and get some. Cheers!




Introducing Letter19Design

Remember that time I told you about my big plans to re-brand myself?

Well, I finally did it. Say ‘hello’ to Letter19.

I’ve been kicking the name around for about a year now. I’ve said it out loud to people, I’ve played with logo designs, I’ve changed my Twitter handle… and I still really dig it. I dig the idea of defining a letter of the alphabet (‘S,’ obviously) with a number. It’s a way of looking at something differently. And that is exactly how I approach all of my designs.

So, I’m officially making it official. You can now find me on Etsy, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest as Letter19Design. And of course, over at Check it out!

Letter19Design website