SchennellyFest Photography

Wedding planning was such an interesting experience for me as a designer. Even though I tried not to get wrapped up in all the wedding planning hullabaloo, every decision felt important because it was all part of the greater design of the day. So between choosing a venue, designing the invitations, planning the schedule, picking the dress, choosing our photographer, and so much more, my mind was in overdrive for about a year.

But like most people tell you, it was all worth it. Because now we have this beautiful memory that Inna and Constantine of Peach Plum Pear Photo captured beyond my expectations. (And that, my friends, is not easy to do.) So I cannot say enough good things about them. They were so easy and fun to work with. And the photos feel natural, beautiful, but most importantly, they feel like us! They are everything I hoped for and easily one of the best decisions we made.

So below are my Top Ten photos. And they were not easy to narrow down! Enjoy and Happy Friday!


Enjoy Each Day

Every Christmas, I receive a nice hand-written card from my aunt who lives in California. This year, she signed the card, “Enjoy each day.” I thought it was a simple and beautiful message, and I wanted to keep it as an everyday reminder. However, I knew the card would inevitably get lost in the sea of correspondence I’ve been saving since high school. So, I photographed her handwriting, blew it up, and created this print. Look, Aunt Mary Pat, you’re an artist!


I also entered this print into the Three Cheers! Minted x West Elm’s 3rd Art Challenge. So if you want to see it for sale at West Elm, click here to vote. And as always, thank you!

Vintage Wedding Photo Invitation Follow-Up

Hey All! This is a follow-up to the Vintage Wedding Photo Invitation blog post. It features the wedding day designs I created for Brigid and Jonathan, including the program, escort cards, table names and menu. All photography is by AE Stelzer Photography. Enjoy! And congrats again to Jonny and Brigid! It was a fantastic day.








The Color of Winter

There’s a lot of hate for winter, isn’t there? But I don’t really mind it. In my opinion, it’s a great time to get comfy, catch up on TV, drink hot toddies, sled, snowboard and chit-chat by the fire. And of course, the design-a-holic in me thinks it’s a great time to get some work done.

I guess you could say I think winter is a little under-appreciated. So to show it some appreciation, I created the little ode below with a photo I took in Schwenksville, PA and a quote by Terri Guillemets. Enjoy!


Colors of Peru

Did you really think I’d return from Peru and never post about the fabulous colors I saw there? That’s just crazy. Below, find some of my favorite photos.


[a blue door in Cusco; hikers climbing to Dead Woman’s Pass on the Inca Trail; a porter and native of the Inca Trail; “te amo” or “i love you” carved in a cactus on the Inca Trail; rugs hanging in Aguas Calientes; a colorful café in Aguas Calientes; teens walking home from school on a Friday in Cusco]