Ten Years and Daffodils

Here’s a peek at the invitations for a good friend’s ten-year party, featuring daffodils, the 10th anniversary flower. I’m so thankful to Angie and Ken for entrusting me with this project. Happy ten years to them, and many, many more!


1920s Themed Wedding Invitations

I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to design these 1920s-themed wedding invitations for an incredibly lovely couple in Germany. We created one version in German and one version in English for their friends all over the world. And they even let me get fancy with a little silver foil stamping. Herzlichen Glückwunsch Marie and Constantin!

SchennellyFest Photography

Wedding planning was such an interesting experience for me as a designer. Even though I tried not to get wrapped up in all the wedding planning hullabaloo, every decision felt important because it was all part of the greater design of the day. So between choosing a venue, designing the invitations, planning the schedule, picking the dress, choosing our photographer, and so much more, my mind was in overdrive for about a year.

But like most people tell you, it was all worth it. Because now we have this beautiful memory that Inna and Constantine of Peach Plum Pear Photo captured beyond my expectations. (And that, my friends, is not easy to do.) So I cannot say enough good things about them. They were so easy and fun to work with. And the photos feel natural, beautiful, but most importantly, they feel like us! They are everything I hoped for and easily one of the best decisions we made.

So below are my Top Ten photos. And they were not easy to narrow down! Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Designing Our Wedding Invitations

As soon as we started wedding planning, I knew I couldn’t imagine anyone else designing our invitations. Mainly because I would have driven them absolutely insane with my particularity!

And the thought of taking this on, on top of planning, sounded like a lot of pressure. But luckily, my fiancé and I had a very clear idea of what we wanted our wedding to be. We both envisioned a relaxed backyard wedding that was more party than wedding. A celebration of love with family and friends.

And it was important to us that our invitations clearly conveyed this idea. Because with the word “wedding” comes lots of expectations. And we wanted our guests to expect nothing but a good time!

So we named the event SchennellyFest, and held it at a beautiful old bed and breakfast called The Woolverton Inn, which is located in Stockton, New Jersey—right outside of New Hope, Pennsylvania.

We planned for non-stop music, coolers of beer, and yard games. No church, no cummerbunds, no cake.

What?! No cake, you say?! See. Expectations!

Well, we think the invitations accomplished their mission because our guests came ready to party, dance, and definitely ready to enjoy the Mister Softee truck that made a guest appearance. So thank you to them, our venue, and our vendors for making the day everything we hoped it would be.

And thank you for reading. I hope you enjoy the photos below! More to come on Facebook in Instagram.

Vintage Wedding Photo Invitation Follow-Up

Hey All! This is a follow-up to the Vintage Wedding Photo Invitation blog post. It features the wedding day designs I created for Brigid and Jonathan, including the program, escort cards, table names and menu. All photography is by AE Stelzer Photography. Enjoy! And congrats again to Jonny and Brigid! It was a fantastic day.








Currently Loving: GAMAGO Awesome Party Hats

HAPPY 2013 to you all! I hope everyone had an enjoyable New Year’s Eve. For me, spending time with some good friends while rocking these awesome mini trucker party hats by San Francisco design company, GAMAGO, made my transition into the new year pretty memorable. I highly recommend them if you want to add a touch of creativity, and silly, to any party.


And did you know that 2013 is the year of the black water snake? According to astrology, with it will come unexpected changes and challenges. But what year doesn’t bring these things, right? So get out there and do what you do. 2013 is our year!

Tell me, was there anything unique that made your New Year’s Eve especially memorable?

Minted XOXO Valentine’s Day Challenge: Two P’s


This Valentine’s Day card is for couples who are like two P’s in…. happy. And I designed it for Minted’s XOXO Valentine’s Day Challenge. Voting is open, so click here and rate the design if you’d like to see Two P’s sold on Minted!

Tell me, have you visited Minted before? It’s a great place to shop for holiday cards, wedding invitations, party decor, art prints and more, all created by indie designers all over the world.