Rabbit Rabbit…Rabbit!

Rabbit rabbit…rabbit! In celebration of the third month of the year, this post is inspired by the ancient “Three Hares” motif. It symbolizes different things for different cultures, but in China (where the earliest known examples appear in cave temples dating back to the 6th century!), the hare represents peace, tranquility, and success—and I truly hope March brings you all those things.


Rabbit Rabbit!

Rabbit Rabbit and Happy March! The luckiest month of them all, if you believe in that sort of thing. And I obviously do. But I don’t believe it always comes out of nowhere. I believe the more goodness we spread, the more luck there will naturally be. So I hope your March is full of lots of good, lots of love, and lots of luck!

Rabbit Rabbit!

Rabbit rabbit! And just like that, the sun rises on another day and another month. It’s really pretty amazing when you take the time to stop and appreciate it, isn’t it? Hope you can relax, enjoy, and appreciate this little thing called life today.

Rabbit Rabbit!

Rabbit rabbit! I can’t believe the beautiful month of May is here already! I threw in a couple extra “rabbit rabbits” for good measure this month because it’s a pretty big one for me personally. I’m getting married! So Happy May, everybody! And enjoy!

Rabbit Rabbit May

Rabbit Rabbit!

Rabbit rabbit! Some say we can make our own luck, too, and I totally agree. So here’s to an extra lucky month of going after all the things we want!

Rabbit Rabbit

And if you’re looking for some Rabbit Rabbit apparel to rock next month, new designs have been posted over at society6.com/shoprabbitrabbit! And original shirts are still available at etsy.com/shop/shoprabbitrabbit.

Lots of love! And enjoy your March!